Boy group BEATWIN will appear on the Drama “Unusual Men and Women”.

BEATWIN confirmed their appearance on “Unusual Men and Women”, and went for the recording on 27th.

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BEATWIN’s management company stated “BEATWIN members wanted to appear on “Unusual Men and Women” and showed a strong desire for it. They went to the audition, and are delighted to have their appearance confirmed.” They continued “As rookies, they will work very hard to blow youthful energy into the drama and hopefully contribute at least a little to the drama.”

Drama “Unusual Men and Women” is directed by Kim SungDuk, who directed many dramas like “Three Guys and Three Girls”, “Three Friends”, and tvN’s “Roller Coaster”. “Unusual Men and Women” is the 2017 version of “Three Guys and Three Girls”, portraying lives of three pairs of guys and girls in a “share-house” environment. It has started its recording on 19th, and with the broadcast planned in the early half of 2017, it’s currently prerecording its episodes.

BEATWIN to Appear on Drama “Unusual Men and Women”


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