Beginners’ Guide To K-Pop: 10 Groups You Have To Check Out


Beginners’ Guide To K-Pop: 10 Groups You Have To Check Out

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You might have recently stepped into the world of K-Pop and fascinated by the amount of K-Pop groups out there in the industry. Some of the trending top groups include BTS , BLACKPINK , EXO , TWICE , GOT7 , Red Velvet  and so on. There are just so many for anyone to grasp!

It can be overwhelming at first but Kpopmap is here to help you get to know more of the groups that are not usually mentioned on various media outlets over the world.

Aside from the groups that are dominating the charts, here are some other groups that have been in the K-Pop industry for the longest time or those that have only been receiving the spotlight recently.


#1 Girls’ Generation

For those who are just getting into K-Pop, you might not actually know about one of the legendary girl groups, Girls’ Generation. Debuted back in 2007, they dominated the industry with their hit tracks such as ‘Gee’, ‘Genie’, ‘Oh!’, ‘I Got A Boy’ and so on. They were named as the girl group of the generation and received tremendous amount of love from fans all over the world.

Even up till now, there are still many loyal fans, SONE, supporting them in one way or another. If you are interested to learn more about the K-Pop groups that debuted before 2010, Girls’ Generation is one group you should definitely check out.



If you are someone who loves bubbly girl groups with adorable personality, you would definitely find yourself falling for WJSN.

Despite being a big group (13 members), their choreography and formation changes will blow your mind away. Aside from that, WJSN has an unique magical school concept that allowed them to stand out from the rest of the girl groups.

If you want to enter and explore such themes, make sure to check out some of their other songs such as ‘SAVE ME, SAVE YOU’ and ‘La La Love’.


#3 Stray Kids

Stray Kids is the latest boy group from JYP Entertainment, one of the most famous K-Pop managing agencies. They debuted through a reality series with the same name “Stray Kids”. Despite only debuting for a while, Stray Kids prove to be one of the groups with potential to soar even higher in the future.

These 9 boys are special and talented in one way or another. From producing tracks, rapping, singing, dancing and so on, fans could not get enough of them. Their powerful songs and dance moves are set to impress you.


#4 ChungHa

Promoting as a solo artist is quite the trend in K-Pop these days and ChungHa is one female solo artists you should not miss. Her first appearance came along when she participated in Mnet “Produce 101” Season 1. Thanks to her talent and rising popularity, she made it into the debuting team and became part of I.O.I.

After the end of promotion for I.O.I, she had released several hit tracks such as ‘Why Don’t You Know’, ‘Roller coaster’, ‘Gotta Go’ and so on that are well received by the public. If you are someone who wants to explore more of K-Pop that touches on catchy and girly dance moves, ChungHa might be the artist you want to learn more about.



LOONA only debuted as a complete group back in 2018. Prior to that, the girls debuted in a periodic fashion, with one member debuting every month. The project started back in 2016 and after several sub-units promotion such as LOONA 1/3 , LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE and LOONA yyxy , they began to gain fans steadily.

Many also began to notice their interesting concepts such as hidden messages in their MVs and also their touch on LGBTQ.


#6 T-ARA

From retro, EDM to dance tracks, it looks like T-ARA had attempted almost every concept during their active promotions. Although there has been controversies along the way, T-ARA is one of the most influential girl groups in the early 2010s.

They are known for their funky and easy-to-catch-on dance moves and songs. You might want to listen to some of their popular tracks such as ‘Bo Beep’, ‘Roly Poly’, ‘You drive me crazy’, ‘Sexy Love’, ‘Sugar Free’ and so on.


#7 DAY6

For those who might not be into songs that are with quick tempo and rap, you might fall in love with the charming and soothing songs by DAY6.

Being a band in the K-Pop industry, they have managed to get the limelight from the public with their one of a kind music. The band has explored different genres such as pop, rock and also alternative rock.

In addition, thanks to several of their members know how to speak English, they are able to communicate with their fans easily.

Make sure to check out some of their hit tracks such as ‘Congratulations’, ‘I Loved You’ ‘Shoot Me’ and so on!



With their group name which sounds similar to the word ‘monster’, many would most probably relate MONSTA X with beastly images. Over the years, the 7 boys are gaining recognition thanks to their manly and charismatic looks.

Aside from that, American musician, Steve Aoki, has also collaborated with MONSTA X, proving their rising popularity as an international K-Pop icon.

Without any further ado, make sure to check out some of their hit tracks such as ‘DRAMARAMA’, ‘JEALOUSY’, ‘Shoot Out’ and so on!


#9 f(x)

Ask any long time K-Pop fan and one of the groups which they would recommend you to check out is definitely f(x). From SM Entertainment, f(x) is recognized for their unique and colorful music style.

Many of their MVs have bright and eye-catching sets that are bound to catch your attention. They are also known for their experimental and electropop based sound. Check out some of their other hit tracks such as ‘NU ABO’, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Electric Shock’ and so on.


#10 KARD

It is extremely rare to find a co-ed group in the K-Pop industry and KARD is one of them. With their active promotion since 2016, the two lovely girls and two charismatic boys had captured the hearts of international K-Pop fans especially from South America.

Thanks to their unique concept and head-bobbing songs, it is no wonder why fans are loving them!

Make sure to listen to ‘Hola Hola’, ‘Oh NaNa’ and ‘Bomb Bomb’!


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