Belift Lab

Big Hit Entertainment had joined hands with CJ Entertainment and invested in Belift Lab, with the aims of producing a global boy group in 2020.

On Mar. 11, it was announced that the two companies had put in 70 billion won into this global project. It was revealed that Big Hit Entertainment's CEO Bang SiHyuk will be in charged of producing the boy group.

Starting from Mar. 30, the audition will take place in Korea, U.S., Japan and various countries overseas. For more information about the audition, you can visit Belift Lab's official website here.

With years of entertainment know-hows and producing, the two companies aim to discover, nurture new talents and create innovative music as well as come up with a global boy group.

The CEO of Belift Lab, Kim TaeHo commented that they will be presenting a new perspective to the entertainment industry and plans for innovation using IP based content media.

Are you curious to find out what they have in mind?


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