Berry Good returns on November 1st not only with a new song, but also a new member.

JTG Entertainment's girl group, Berry Good, will be making their comeback for the first time since their previous album in April. The group that was originally a 5 member lineup will be returning with an additional new member.

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JoHyeon joins the previous members TaeHa, GoWoon, DaYe, SeoYul, and SeHyeong. JoHyeon's charming points are her pure, innocent face with her glamorous body. With her stunning visuals, she will bring a pure sexy image to the group. Berry Good, who has promoted with clean, pure and girly images before, will be making their comeback with a new style of song, dance, styling and concept.

A representative from JTG announced, "The addition of a new member will become a great strength for the changing process of the group... Please cheer and support JoHyeon, who naturally fit well into the group, as well as the all new Berry Good."

Berry Good's new album will drop on November 1st, and JoHyeon will make her official debut on the same day.

Berry Good Adds a New Member for Their November Comeback

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Berry Good Adds a New Member for Their November Comeback

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Berry Good

Berry Good

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