Not originally solo, but coming from idol groups, that’s the key these days.

From SHINee Jonghyun, CNBLUE Jung Young Hwa to Girls' Generation Taeyeon, they are stirring up storm in the music industry with huge influences. From where is this phenomenon coming from? The reason is way too simple. High possibility of success and countless derived benefits. One of industry sources said, “it is not that too hard to promote idol solo in the first place and even leads to smooth ride till the success.”

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Best 5 Soloists Made By Idol Groups

Jonghyun From SHINee

Like he said it is obvious that taking advantages from idol’s popularity comes with big supports from fans and bonding between the industry. Definitely lucrative business. Aside from profits, real beneficiary is the solo member who becomes an artist from an idol. See the Jonghyun and Jung Yong Hwa. They indulge in composing and producing their own songs. Taeyeon is appealing her talents as well.

Best 5 Soloists Made By Idol Groups

Taeyeon From Girls' Generation

Best 5 Soloists Made By Idol Groups

Jung Yong Hwa From CNBLUE

We can’t deny BIGBANG Taeyang is God gifted as a solo as well as SHINee Taemin. Positive effects from all of these cases are getting bigger than expected when all members reunite again within one group. Of course there might be lack of perfect harmony in group, having some members look elsewhere like acting or variety show, if everybody hopes for solo. Sad for audience.

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