The Best K-Pop Sons And Daughters That Any Parents Can Ask For

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May is the month dedicated to all things family, so it’s time to take a look at the good sons and daughters among K-Pop idols. 

As K-Pop idols earn bushels of money, their scales of filial piety are on another level when compared to common people. Who’s overflowing with love and respect for their parents? Here are the 4 idols who’ve definitely given their fair share on return on investment to their parents’ hard work raising them.

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Maybe this is why the current fad among Korean parents is to enroll their kids into idol schools.


1. HyeRi of Girl’s Day

HyeRi confessed that she grew up in poor family and bought cars and houses for their parents after she succeeded from the drama “Reply 1988“.

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2. Suzy of Miss A

Suzy’s mom worked as a hairdresser in a small hair salon, and her dad ran a local taekwondo studio in Gwangju. With the money she earned from her commercial endorsements, she presented a coffee bar for her mom who has wanted to operate a cafe.

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Yonhap News


3. G-Dragon of BIGBANG

G-Dragon bought a leisure pension in Gapyeong for his parents. His parents operate and open the pension up for the fans of G-Dragon.

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YG Entertainment


4. KyuHyun of Super Junior

KyuHyun said he bought a building in Gangnam and remodeled it into a guest house for his parents to run. 

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