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After an alleged drug scandal involving an attempt to purchase LSD, B.I departed from YG Entertainment as well as from the group iKON as well with his contract being terminated.

iKONICs were also recently angered by the fact that B.I wasn't credited for a track in Eun JiWon's latest album, as they believe that one track in particular was a demo that he played a big part in creating.

Whether B.I is guilty of drug use or not, we don't know but not crediting the writer for their own work is something that also isn't something that should be condoned.

But the problem for B.I fans isn't just the whole Eun JiWon track, as they recently discovered that pretty much every single song that B.I was known to be a writer in has been removed from his catalogue. And the interesting part about all of this is that other ex-YG artists such as PSY, Park Bom, Epik High, and even SeungRi still are listed as writers in the songs that they took part in writing.

What's left for B.I is just some tracks from his 'Show Me The Money' days.

B.I Fans Are Mad Because He's The Only Ex-YG Artist To Have Credits Removed From Songs


At the moment, YG Entertainment have not responded to this particular complaint from fans.

Stay tuned for updates!


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