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B.I recently appeared on Buzzfeed Celeb's famed segment "First Times" to share all about the first time he experienced something. Throughout the episode, B.I is genuine and honest, making for a supremely entertaining episode that we cannot help but rewatch.

When asked about the first time he wanted to be a performer, he shared that he had a lot of aspirations growing up and his dreams changed quite often, so much so that when he decided to be an artist, his parents asked him to get back to them after a year. If he still had the same dream, they'd support him. The rest, of course, is history.

He further revealed that the first thing he does every morning is read comic books! His first ever comic book was "Slam Dunk". Comic books make him feel comfortable and relaxed because he can immerse himself in the universe of the same. The first concert he ever attended was a BIGBANG concert. However, the first time he was starstruck was by Tablo from Epik High who takes care of him like a real older brother.

He also shared that he dreams of one day, performing in The States, which is why he is studying English! We certainly cannot wait for his dream to come true soon. 

You can watch the full video below!

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