Welcome to the third article of Kpopmap's series exploring the amazing duality of K-Pop idols!

Previously, we explored how SF9's ZuHo and UP10TION's Kim WooSeok have striking dualities. Today, we have the very definition of duality himself, ATEEZ's SeongHwa. Have you ever seen an individual take on a whole new identity on stage because ATINY see that transition happen on the regular with SeongHwa.

SeongHwa might have the official position of the vocalist and visual, but he's truly an all-rounder in every sense of the word. His multifaceted talent has been the pride and joy of ATINY ever since the group's debut. However, another one of SeongHwa's qualities that makes ATINY weak in their knees is his duality.

SeongHwa is a gentle sweet soul when he's off the stage and just being himself. However, it seems as though the SeongHwa we see on stage is a completely different person altogether! Many fans have noticed that this duality manifests itself in SeongHwa's eyes.

Bias Duality: ATEEZ's SeongHwa Or Park SeongHwa?

The Show

These pictures are quite literally, moments apart!

Bias Duality: ATEEZ's SeongHwa Or Park SeongHwa?


The control he has over his duality, is intimidating, to say the least, and something that we have reason to believe is one of the hardest skills for a performer to master. Yet, SeongHwa does it effortlessly, as if it is only natural!

Bias Duality: ATEEZ's SeongHwa Or Park SeongHwa?

ATEEZ's Twitter

We just cannot get enough of SeongHwa's duality. Which SeongHwa do you prefer, ATEEZ's SeongHwa or Park SeongHwa? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below and let us know which other K-Pop idol you would like to see on this series!


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