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ARMY's influence seems to be highly effective, as their idol BTS's agency Big Hit Entertainment recently canceled a scheduled collaborative work with Japanese producer Akimoto Yasushi due to protests.

And it really shows that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment's ideology in communicating with fans is genuine as well.

Just recently, when it was announced that Akimoto Yasushi would be producing BTS's upcoming comeback single in Japan, South Korean ARMY made no hesitation to make it clear that they would not be tolerating such collaboration. The reason? Well, the Japanese producer isn't exactly known for having the cleanest slate as he has had multiple controversies related to misogyny and Japanese imperialism.

South Korean ARMY were concerned that working with someone such as him would tarnish BTS's reputation.

In the end, Big Hit Entertainment announced that BTS will not be working with Akimoto Yasushi and that the Japanese comeback will include a remix version of 'IDOL' instead of 'Bird', which was the track originally intended to be included.


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Sep 19, 2018 09:00 am

this is not fair

Akimoto is really good producer T.T