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You've probably heard it all by now. The controversies surrounding Big Hit Entertainment K-Pop idol group BTS involving anti-Japan sentiments and even Nazism.

But it seems that there has been a lot of misunderstandings from everything we've heard recently.

Nevertheless, Big Hit Entertainment recently released an official statement of apology to everyone who may have found the controversies disturbing.

To summarize, the agency examined three crucial points about the controversies.

1.The photo of the bombing of Japan on JiMin's t-shirt.

2. A hat that RM wore that depicted Nazi symbolism.

3.Waving flags that look similar to Nazi flags during collaborative performance with Seo Taiji.

Big Hit Entertainment released their apologies and gave explanations to the three points of controversies mentioned above.

Regarding the photo of the bombing of Japan, the agency claimed that it is and never will be their intentions to harm anyone who has been a victim of a tragic war event. The agency apologized for not thinking that one of their artists wearing a shirt depicting the event could potentially hurt others.

As for the hat with the Nazi symbol, the agency apologized for not taking preventive measures earlier on. The agency made it clear that they do not condone fascism nor any other extreme political organizations such as the Nazi party.

And lastly, the flags used during the concert with Seo Taiji, the agency explained that it was a creative imagery used to attack totalitarianism itself, rather than to promote it.

In addition, Big Hit Entertainment even sent a formal apology to the Simon Wiesanthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization that first denounced BTS of mocking victims of the holocaust.


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