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Let's say you own a corporation and you really want to market your products or services well this year. Everything is planned out perfectly but there's just only one problem left. Who are you going to hire to represent your brand? If you're thinking like most South Korean companies right now, you'd automatically think of BTS.

And if you think about it, it makes sense since the K-Pop idols have tremendous influence not just domestically in South Korea but arguably even stronger overseas in the US.

According to South Korean media sources, it has been reported that BTS has received one too many CF propositions from companies all over South Korea recently. Big Hit Entertainment responded by saying that the septet boy band won't be available all throughout 2018 due to scheduled performances, interviews, and other activities that have not been disclosed.

Words then spread from company to company that it was going to be impossible to try and land a deal with K-Pop's biggest superstars.


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