B.I.G is starring in their first reality show since their debut, and the sole purpose is to get closer to their beloved fans.

Through the group's Instagram page, B.I.G (Boys In Groove), revealed the first teaser video of their upcoming reality program. According to the teaser, the new show will be the boys' first reality show since their debut 2 years ago. The special milestone for the boys will be titled "B.I.G Project", and it will air its first episode on February 27th at 7:00 pm KST.

In the teaser, the five members can be seen desperately searching for someone in the Jeju Island scenery. B.I.G fans were left curious and wondering about what kind of theme their boys will feature for their first reality show. Fans were also glad to see that Guk MinPyo, who was unable to participate in the group's "1,2,3" promotions, will be appearing on the show with the rest of the members.

Netizens congratulated the boys on their first reality show debut, saying that their hard efforts for their 5th digital single "1,2,3" promotions paid off very well.


B.I.G Makes it Their "B.I.G Project" to Get Closer to Fans

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