Group B.I.G will be appearing on SBS MTV “The Show” to present their new song ‘1,2,3’ for the first time.

With ‘1,2,3’’s digital release coming up on 13th, group B.I.G will be appearing on SBS MTV “The Show” on 7th to start their activities and greet their fans. GH Entertainment stated “B.I.G has prepared for the comeback like it’s their second debut. They will be presenting splendid performances that they’ve worked hard preparing, and so we ask fans to anticipate a lot for it.”

B.I.G has revealed the teaser video for ‘1,2,3’’s MV and will be performing activities with 4 members.

B.I.G to Present ‘1,2,3’ For the First Time on SBS MTV “The Show”

GH Entertainment

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