B.I.G will be returning as a 4-member group.

GH Entertainment announced on 2nd that “B.I.G’s member Guk MinPyo will be taking a temporary break from activities due to health issues.”

They continued, “Guk MinPyo showed a rapid decline in health due to the preparations for the upcoming comeback and frequent overseas schedules. After talking with MinPyo, we agreed that his health is the highest priority and decided to have him go in a temporary break from activities to focus on recovering his health. We will not hold back on supporting him in recovering his health. We ask fans to give him a lot of support and attention so that he may recover fast and return to fans.”

B.I.G will be releasing a new song ‘1,2,3’ on 13th.

B.I.G to Return Without Guk MinPyo

GH Entertainment

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