BIGBANG’s Daesung to Feature On Famous Japanese Group’s Album

DaeSung once again proves his overwhelming popularity in Japan by featuring in his hot J-Pop artists’ album.

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King of K-Pop, BIGBANG members are currently busy with their individual activities. G-Dragon recently announced his solo tour and Taeyang kicks off his Japanese solo concerts. Now, DaeSung of BIGBANG will feature in the famous Japanese group DREAMS COME TRUE’s new album.

According to YG Entertainment, DaeSung will feature in ‘The Best Covers of DREAMS COME TRUE ドリウタVol.1’ on July 7th. He will sing the Japanese group’s 5th single ‘笑顔の行方’ which will be released on 1990, meaning ‘trace of a smile’.

He reportedly said, “It’s a great honor to join the cover album. I will try my best to have the best result and hope you guys enjoy it.”

On this cover collection, lots of major Japanese artists feature on it as well, such as Sakamoto Maaya, Miura Daichi, Ms.OOJA, Little Glee Monster and more.

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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Finally Releases Secret Comeback News to Fans

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon finally released the long-awaited news regarding his epic comeback for 2017.

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BIGBANG‘s producer-slash-leader, G-Dragon, will finally be making a new comeback since his last solo album 4 years ago. YG Entertainment finally released a statement regarding his upcoming album, which is said to drop in mid-June. G-Dragon already began filming for his new music video, which is said to be as epic and block buster as his previous solo videos.

YG Entertainment announced, “G-Dragon began filming for his new music video today, but we will not be able to release details of the location or time.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is preparing his solo concert world tour titled, “G-DRAGON 2017 CONCERT: ACT III, M.O.T.T.E”, which will take place all around Asia, North America, and so much more.


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BIGBANG Fans Rise Up In Petition For G-Dragon To Add Europe to 2017 Concert Tour

Europe V.I.Ps have had it! BIGBANG fans begin a petition to get G-Dragon to add Europe to his list of 2017 concert tour dates.

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BIGBANG’s leader and producer, G-Dragon, will be holding his “G-DRAGON 2017 World Tour Act III, M.O.T.T.E” all around the globe this summer. The world renowned artist will be stopping by all over Asia and North America, but it appears Europe will be left out of the schedule again.

Although the official schedule poster writes “And more…” at the bottom, Europe V.I.Ps can wait no longer for a chance to experience BIGBANG live and in-person. Headed by a loyal fan, Eric Mu of Sweden, they took the matters into their own hands as they began a petition to ask YG Entertainment to add Europe to the list. The petition seeks a goal of 2,500 signatures, and have reached over 2,200 fans so far.

Considering that the one time BIGBANG ever held a concert in Europe was for their “Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour” in 2012, it seems the Europe fans are long over due for a one on one time with their idols.

Check out the petition to “Bring G-Dragon to Europe” by clicking here.


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