A Japanese magazine reported that BIGBANG members might all enlist within this year.

According to Japanese magazine “Women Self (女性自身)“, BIGBANG members recently had a group meeting. One source told Women Self “Recently, SeungRi has opened a ramen store in December and all 5 members visited the place. The members told TOP “We’ll always be waiting for you” then and “Members have become closer with enlistment coming up”.”

Another source told Women Self “I heard from someone close to them that the other members brought up the topic of pulling their enlistment forward so that their return will be faster.”, mentioning the possibility of all the BIGBANG members to enlist within this year.

According to Women Self, if the members were to go when they reach the age to go, they will finish their services in 2021. However, if all the members are to go this year, BIGBANG will finish their services 2 years earlier, in 2019.

BIGBANG has mentioned enlisting together before on a broadcast. Fans anticipate to see whether they will be fulfilling this or not.

BIGBANG Members to All Enlist This Year?

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