The Great SeungRi

Just recently, BIGBANG member SeungRi was caught up in two major controversies.

The first was one involving his attitude towards Gugudan member SeJeong, in which he instructed her to pour a drink for the any man who was present with them whom she thought was most handsome on an episode of the show 'Salty Tour'. Many fans called him out as SeJeong looked uncomfortable upon the request.

The second involved attempting to get his fans to vote for his friend who was competing in the Miss MAXIM contest. However, fans criticized him by stating that many of his fans were underage and it was inappropriate for him to ask them to vote for someone competing in an adult magazine contest.

BIGBANG SeungRi Apologizes For Recent Controversies And Shares Plans To Become YouTuber


He was seen apologizing to fans as he made a speech to the audience of Youth Arena 2018 : The Last Festival. He also revealed that he was planning on becoming a YouTuber as well. He asked fans who had any good content ideas to share with him.

Hopefully, he's past all the controversies and can return back to his usual well-mannered self.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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