BIGBANG member SeungRi not receiving enough care and attention from YG Entertainment has been an issue among fans lately as the K-Pop idol stated that he did not have any backup dancers nor stylists for his "The Great SeungRi Tour".

The whole thing started when SeungRi revealed to fans that YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk told him that he didn't need any backup dancers because he was the "great SeungRi". This caused fans to criticize Yang HyunSuk and bring up other similar issues related to YG Entertainment artists not receiving adequate support.

Yang HyunSuk uploaded a screenshot of an apology SeungRi sent him through direct message.

The message stated

"I apologize for causing the controversy and will take care of it. I tried to joke about it but I think I over-did it."

Yang HyunSuk responded with the emoji below.

BIGBANG SeungRi Apologizes To Yang HyunSuk For Recent Statement During Concert


There have also been rumors that Yang HyunSuk was also actively deleting any comments that spoke negatively of him. However, the K-Pop entertainment CEO has been denying that he did such a thing.

SeungRi's next destination for his tour will be Manila, Philippines.

Stay tuned for updates!


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