BIGBANG member SeungRi, who recently resigned as the director of the club Burning Sun amidst a scandal involving date rape drugs and physical assault, responded after a photograph showing him and a former employee of the club who allegedly dealt drugs to customers surfaced online.

The former employee is a Chinese woman known as Aena and has been working at the club in the past as an illegal alien in South Korea.

The K-Pop idol has now responded by saying that he was unaware of who she was and is not able to remember who he takes a photograph with as he is accustomed to many fans asking to take photos with him.

Below is his statement.

"I do not know the person in the photograph personally. The photos I take with my fans usually ends up somewhere in the internet and social media. Many people in the club have often came up to me and asked to take a picture together. And I'm usually not hesitant to grant them the opportunity."

South Korean authorities are now attempting to get in touch with Aena to extract more information related to the scandal.

Stay tuned for updates!


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