BIGBANG's TaeYang release a teaser poster including the title of song 'Darling'.

On August 10th, YG entertainment uploaded a teaser poster of TaeYang's 'Darling' on official blog. In a poster, TaeYang looks like he has been in trying time with facial expression and atmosphere. Mnay netizens are curious about what TaeYang's new song is going to be like.

YG entertainment announced that 'Darling' is a song that emphasizes the sorrow of break-up. TaeYang seems to show off his ringing vocal skills through this song. Teddy, the main producer of YG,  composed and produced the song 'Darling'. TaeYang and Teddy are well known for their long-run relationship. Teddy produced TaeYang's 'ONLY LOOK AT ME', 'WHERE U AT', 'Wedding Dress', and 'EYES, NOSE, LIPS'. As the synergy of TaeYang X Teddy has been great so far, people are expecting that they will demonstrate their power through a new song 'Darling'. 

His MV was filmed across LA, Alaska, while including huge scales of nature in back ground. TaeYang will drop a new album "WHITE NIGHT' on 16th of August 3 years and 2 months after his solo activities. You can see his deeper emotion and musical development through his new album. 


BIGBANG's TaeYang Gears Up In Preparation For Comeback "WHITE NIGHT"

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