BIGBANG’s TaeYang Gears Up In Preparation For Comeback “WHITE NIGHT”

BIGBANG’s TaeYang release a teaser poster including the title of song ‘Darling‘.

On August 10th, YG entertainment uploaded a teaser poster of TaeYang’s ‘Darling’ on official blog. In a poster, TaeYang looks like he has been in trying time with facial expression and atmosphere. Mnay netizens are curious about what TaeYang’s new song is going to be like.

YG entertainment announced that ‘Darling’ is a song that emphasizes the sorrow of break-up. TaeYang seems to show off his ringing vocal skills through this song. Teddy, the main producer of YG,  composed and produced the song ‘Darling’. TaeYang and Teddy are well known for their long-run relationship. Teddy produced TaeYang’s ‘ONLY LOOK AT ME‘, ‘WHERE U AT‘, ‘Wedding Dress’, and ‘EYES, NOSE, LIPS‘. As the synergy of TaeYang X Teddy has been great so far, people are expecting that they will demonstrate their power through a new song ‘Darling’. 

His MV was filmed across LA, Alaska, while including huge scales of nature in back ground. TaeYang will drop a new album “WHITE NIGHT‘ on 16th of August 3 years and 2 months after his solo activities. You can see his deeper emotion and musical development through his new album. 


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YG entertainment

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TaeYang 2017 World Tour “White Night” – US & CANADA

Korea’s top solo artist and member of BIGBANG, main vocalist, TAEYANG, announced his second world tour WHITE NIGHT.

Due to T.O.P‘s drug scandal, it seems apparent that it’s hard time for BIGBANG, however, G-Dragon is successfully touring around the world. Also, G-Dragon‘s solo album made a big hit and he showed his power to make his fans relaxed. In this time, TaeYang’s turn comes. It’s time for TaeYang to make sure for fans that there’s no need to worry about BIGBANG’s future. Besides, because of T.O.P’s lack, it looks impossible to have a group activity, so for them it’s more sensible to have solo activities. Additionally, TaeYang’s time before joining the army in Korea is getting shorter. Maybe it will be the last opportunity for TaeYang to have an world tour before entering army service. Serving army service in Korea is mandatory and also its term is at least 22 months, so there would be a long gap after that. 

YG entertainment announced ‘WHITE NIGHT’ will be held in 8 cities in US and Canada on official SNS. TaeYang already had toured abroad as ‘RISE’ world tour, however, he didn’t visit North America. So it’s TaeYang’s the first concert in North America, and YG entertainment is going to add nations and cities where ‘WHITE NIGHT’ will be held.

World tour title ‘WHITE NIGHT’ means TaeYang himself, who has steadily walked along passionate road of music for a long time, and he is going to greet fans with his perfectly skilled stage manners and hit songs so far.

TaeYang’s 1st World Tour in North America “WHITE NIGHT” will be held at the following cities:

  • Toronto, ON (International Centre) : August 30
  • New York, NY (Theater @ Madison Square Garden) : September 1
  • Chicago, IL (Aragon Ballroom) : September 3
  • Atlanta, GA  (Cobb Energy Center) : September 6
  • Dallas, TX (Bomb Factory) : September 8
  • San Jose, CA (City National Civic) : September 10
  • Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Palladium) :  September 13
  • Vancouver, BC (The Orpheum) : September 15



YG entertainment

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TaeYang of BIG BANG Plans to Serve in the Military by Next Year

All men, except for those who are exempted, are to do one’s duty in the military when over 19. Ordinary men serve in the military at around 19 ~25 average, however, for celebs, they have tendency to push the duty until 28~30 because of their busy schedule.

TaeYang, BIG BANG, TaeYang Concert


TaeYang of BIG BANG has told his plans to serve his time to the country by next year in a concert in Japan. By next year he would be 30 in Korean age and the number 30 is sort of a marginal line.

He said that he is currently working on a new album, the last one before military service. This year, he’d be focusing on his 2nd world tour, which started from this 9th of July. It is known to be his long dream to perform in a stadium since he became a singer. In the latest concerts, he thanked the audience for giving him such opportunity to achieve his dream and sang 18 songs with great energy. 

Though we won’t be seeing much of TaeYang next year, let’s just try to enjoy what he has to give us now.

He’d be having a concert in Japan from August 5th ~ 6th, and in Korea on 26th ~27th of the same month. It’s been three years since he last had his concert in Korea. 

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YG Celebrates BIGBANG TaeYang’s Birthday In The Most Special Way

“Happy Birthday to TAEYANG of BIGBANG!”

Did you know that May 18th is TaeYang of BIGBANG’s birthday? 

BIGBANG, the Kings of K-Pop, is a group that consists of five members including G-DRAGON, TaeYang, T.O.P, DaeSung, and SeungRi. They’re recognized for their musical ability to appeal to the general public and also play a significant role as the leaders of K-Pop. And May 18th was TaeYang’s birthday, so looked forward to what YG Entertainment did for his birthday.

Taeyang, BIGBANG, Taeyang 2017, BIGBANG Bday

YG entertainment


Through their official blog, they posted a massive image that celebrated TaeYang’s birthday. YG Entertainment chose one of the sexiest photos of the vocal king as he was snapped singing a soulful tune. TaeYang was soon flooded with thousands of compliments and celebrating comments, while YG Entertainment received praise for choosing such a perfect photo.

Meanwhile, TaeYang will be coming to Japan for his stadium tour ‘SOL JAPAN STADIUM LIVE 2017’ from July to August.

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TaeYang’s New Update in Instagram #Hot #Hey #New Look

TaeYang posted “Hey” on his Instagram with a brand new selfie, and netizens are getting mixed feelings about it.

The sexy charisma of BIGBANG just uploaded a new selfie to his Instagram, and it was hot enough to be the apple of fans’ eyes. In his new post, TaeYang introduced his new look that looked manlier than ever. With his sexy five o’ clock shadow and his peeking glance from under his black hoodie, the artist shed his usual image of a gentleman for a darker and wilder visual.

While V.I.Ps and various netizens were all for this new brooding look, some netizens were having doubts. Some commenters left messages asking for his clean, cut dandy look back, while others were totally on board for this sexy vibe.

What do you think about TaeYang’s latest update?



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