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YG Entertainment made released an official poster showing the comeback of BLACK PINK.

As seen from the poster, they'd be having their comeback on June 22nd. The picture of Greek style temple seem to represent their concept for this comeback. The four columns may represent the four members, and the whole poster being pinkish, definitely represent the group.

BLACK PINK Gets Ready for Their Comeback on June 22nd, Keyword GODDESS

YG Entertainment

They had already hinted their comeback by telling fans that they were shooting a music video. Fans were expecting their comeback quite soon after hearing the news, and now, all they have to do is to enjoy the teasers to come.

K-Pop scene is wondering if BLACK PINK  will live up to their legacy of killing music charts only after 14 days after debut. It's not only Korean fans, but also fans from abroad who have high interest in them. Their music videos have gone over 1 million views though it was their debut albums. 

Since their debut was like a blizzard to the industry, fans and public's expectations are high for their comeback. However, there are some worried voices that concerns whether the company can handle their comeback well when they are having such hard times by TOP of BIG BANG. 

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