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BLACKPINK fandom, BLINK, have recently been protesting again.

The fandom seems to enjoy using their protest truck the most whenever they feel YG Entertainment isn't doing enough to support the girl group, as they've done it before in the past on a couple of occasions.

This time around, fans have been demanding more support for group member Rosé.


Many fans have been saying that Rosé has the least amount of activities of all the group members.

But some BLINKs seem to be saying that there's no need to cause any more drama at this point as YG Entertainment has already released an official statement revealing that solo tracks for Rosé and even Lisa are currently finished. And in addition, BLACKPINK will also now be getting their very first full-length studio album this year in June.

If you are a BLINK, do you think that YG Entertainment needs to be planning more actively for Rosé?

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