BLACKPINK Garnered Hundred Million Hits Of MV Only For 46 Days

It would be the very special 1st year anniversary of BLACKPINK after debut. ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST‘ MV made hundred million hits on Youtube very quickly.

It’s only 1 year after BLACKPINK got debuted. And it’s only 46 days and 7 hours after these girls dropped a new MV. It’s exactly a year after their debut, as August 8th am 01:18 (KST), so it’s much more meaningful to girls and their fans, BLINK. BLACKPINK, this clever and stunning girl group, keeps making new records everyday. The shortest record before BLACKPINK made a new one was 71 days. BLACKPINK shorten 25 days. BLACKPINK’s records, 46 days, pretty marvelous gap between the second records. Besides, it represent much to BLACKPINK and K-Pop fans regarding BLACKPINK is a rookie idols that debuted one year before. It shows how big BLACKPINK’s power and popularity around the globe are for now. 

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s members posted a long sentence in Korean and English to deliver their thankful mind and feeling to fans. Jennie released several photos of her for fans. Netizens and fans are celebrating them to have double things to celebrate, which are hundred million views in shortest time and 1st anniversary. 


#BLACKPINK#BLINK#888#FOREVER 뇽안 블링크 ✨💖 오늘은 2017년 8월 8일 8시 입니다 블핑이랑 블링크가 처음 만난 날이에요^^ 지금까지 1주년 소감 인터뷰를 하면 아쉬움이 남는다고 많이 얘기했던 것 같아요 항상 더 좋은 모습을 보여드리고 싶다는 욕심때문에 그런거 같은데 막상 당일이 되니까 좋았던 기억만 기억하고 싶네요 1년동안 우리에게 너무 행복하고 좋은 추억들 많이 만들어줘서 고마워요✨ 우리 블랙핑크도 블링크한테 좋은 무대와 여러가지 모습들로 행복한 추억들을 많이 만들어 줬는지 궁금하네요 앞으로 더 다양한 모습들 많이 보여줄테니 힘들땐 옆에서 서로에게 위로가 되고 행복할땐 나눌 수 있는 그런 사이가 되었으면 좋겠어요 우리 오래오래 서로 옆에 있어 줘요 💜 사랑해요 곧봐요💋 Blinks, today is the day we spend our first anniversary together ♥️ This year went by in the Blink of an eye (see what I did there?😂) and we really want to thank all of our Blinks for every single moment of it. Our first year of debut was such a blessing, thanks to you lot💋 It was definately a year full of new experiences and lessons learnt. We're all so excited to spend the next… who knows how many more years with you and we thank you all once again for giving us these special moments and memories we'll never forget. Blinks forever ♥️♥️♥️♥️ วันนี้เหมือนเป็นวันคล้ายวันเกิดเลยค่ะ 1ปีที่ผ่านมา พวกหนู BLACKPINK เติบโตมาด้วยความรักความดูแล สนับสนุนส่งเสริมจากทางวายจี เอนเตอร์เทนเมนท์ และ พี่ๆบลิ้งค์ที่น่ารักทุกๆคน และทุกๆประเทศ พวกหนูขอขอบคุณทุกๆกำลังใจ ละแรงซับพอร์ตที่ 'บลิ้งค์' มีให้พวกหนูมาตลอด1ปีนะคะ^^ ในปี1 ดูแล้วเหมือนไม่ได้นานมากเท่าไหร่ แต่สำหรับพวกหนู ทุกๆวันใน1ปีนั้น มีความหมายมากๆเลยค่ะ พวกหนูจะตั้งใจทำผลงานที่ดีออกมาเรื่อยๆ ทำให้บลิ้งค์ทุกคน ภูมิใจในตัวพวกเรานะคะ สัญญาว่าจะเดินก้าวไปด้วยกันน้า~~ อยู่ด้วยกันแบบนี้ไปนานๆนะคะ❤️

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