On Jan. 26, BLACKPINK held their concert in Hong Kong and fans were more than happy to welcome them into the country. If you are interested to find out where else the girls will be heading, you can check out about their world tour schedule here.

When they were seen passing the crowd, Jennie caught the attention of many as she secretly received a gift from a fan!

If you take a look at the short clip uploaded online, Jennie was tempted to take a gift from a fan but did not want her manager to find out.

She then turned around and received the gift with her hands placed at her back. After she was done, she even did a 'hush' sign to fans, telling them not to let her manager find out about this.

Fans who had seen the clip felt that Jennie was very adorable and they could also feel her love for the small gift which she had received. For those who might be wondering, it is a plushie of the character Peppa Pig with her face attached to it!

BLACKPINK's Jennie Secretly Receives Gift From Fan Without Manager Knowing


The fan who had given Jennie the present also uploaded the picture online!

Did you find Jennie's action cute?


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Jan 30, 2019 12:06 am

That thing is so creepy it could star in its own horror movie