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While it was initially reported by SBS that all the cast members of 'Village Survival The Eight' who appeared on the first season would also be appearing on the second season, it has been reported that BLACKPINK member Jennie won't be returning for the second season any longer.

Many fans at the moment are speculating that it all has to do with the dating "scandal" with EXO member Kai that broke out early this year in 2019. They've also joked that she may be getting the "punishment" that BIGBANG member SeungRi described, the one where you get called up to the seventh floor, the highest floor in their current building, to get shoes thrown at you. SeungRi stated that if you get called up to the sixth floor, you'd usually just get "the talk", but the seventh floor was an indication that big trouble was on its way.

YG Entertainment's explanation for Jennies absence in the second season cited reasons related to overseas tour schedules.

Do you think Jennie not returning to the second season of 'Village Survival The Eight' has anything to do with the news of her dating Kai? Or is it really because of busy overseas tour schedules?


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