BLACKPINK member JiSoobeing the sole member of the group to have a 100% original South Korean background, has had her fair share of memorable moments when she spoke in English.

In fact, we low key think she's secretly really good at speaking the language.

She's said some cute things before in the past, and her matching adorable personality too has made it even more memorable as well.

You can check them out below.


"I'm Not Scary"

It's adorable really.

She probably meant to say that she's not scare easily, but we're so glad she said it in her own version.


"Please, Go Slowly...I'm So Scary"


"That's A Pity"

It seems that "That's a pity" is JiSoo's favorite sentence in English.


"Your English Is A Pity"

This is quite hilarious.

Here we see JiSoo in action and using her favorite English sentence to good use.


"Hey! Hey! Slowly. Slowly."

JiSoo likes to take her time during conversations. So speak slowly when talking to her.

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Brad w
Brad w
Dec 1, 2020 10:49 pm

You like sucky sucky is my fave