According to South Korean news agency Sports Chosun, the spokesperson of the South Korean TV show 'Real Men' confirmed BLACKPINK member Lisa's appearance on the show's third season. while also revealing that she will be going in for filming beginning on July 29th.

'Real Men' first aired back in March of 2015, showing the real life of South Korean celebrities participating in military life. One of the many notable celebrities that appeared on the show was Henry. The show came to an end on November 27th, 2016.

Fans of the show will most likely be pleased to hear that the show will be returning for a third season with BLACKPINK's Lisa.


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Jul 28, 2018 06:36 am

OH wow i really liked Real Men ..its been off air for a while and i didn't know there was going to be another season,the specials where it was women celebrities were some of the best ones the very best being the Navy special with Lee Si Young and the one with Amber Liu(who had a hard time because of her Korean)