A K-Pop goddess IU sent a love call to BLACKPINK's Rose to work with her.

Another female X female couple's birth? IU confessed that she is a big fan of BLACKPINK's Rose and want to work with her. On 5th July, Rose received a question asking IU's love call from mc of Weekly Idols. MC said, "You got a love call from IU, what do you feel about it?". Rose answered "I didn't even believe it until I got a video filming IU unnie saying that from my father.", in succession, "I can't believe it even now". Rose introduced herself as a big fan of IU, and right after, she started to sing a song 'Good Day' of IU. MC suggested her, "How about collaborate with IU?" and Our cute and pure Rose replied positively. That scene of Rose saying "Yes" was too lovely enough to make fans expecting great works with IU.

At the end, Rose sent IU a video message, saying "It is a honor. I will practice and sing very well till now. I respect you so much.".

You can check out a video, which filming IU referring Rose, below!


BLACKPINK's Rose Received IU's Love Call To Work With

Aquarius Rhapsody

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Mar 22, 2018 03:25 pm

i love rosé and iu so much 😀 im honestly so looking forward to this collaboration