Do you remember the most elegant debut song ever, 'WHISTLE' of BLACKPINK?

In 2016, BLACKPINK ate up all the music charts in South Korea by their debut song 'WHISTLE'. These 4 girls demonstrated their amazing popularity and attention from all around the globe through many new records on Youtube. It shows that how hot BLACKPINK is for now. 


A few days ago, a netizen found that BLACKPINK's 'WHISTLE' was playing in the American popular drama, "The Bold Type". You can check it out, below. 


What do you think about it? Many fans of BLACKPINK are surprised by the familiar song played on this drama, which was never expected. Actually, even before 'WHISTLE' was played in an American drama, BLACKPINK had attention while being nominated on Entertainmet Weekly list of '8 hot under-the-radar singles'. 

BLACKPINK's 'WHISTLE' In An American Drama?



Moreover, BLACKPINK succeed to have a amazing debut in Japan also, ranked 1st on the Japanest music charts. Due to this popularity, I bet all the members of BLACKPINK come to be 'whistling' literally, haha. 

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Sep 21, 2017 08:25 pm