BASTARZ made their comeback with 'Selfish & Beautiful Girl', and the BLOCK B brothers came together to celebrate!

The BLOCK B boys (Zico, Park Kyung, U-Kwon, BBomb, JaeHyo, P.O, TaeIl) uploaded a video celebrating the comeback of their sub-unit, BASTARZ. The sub-unit's new single is titled, "Welcome 2 Bastarz", just dropped with the title track 'Selfish & Beautiful Girl'.

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To show their support, BASTARZ and the remaining members uploaded an introductory video about the new single. Each member took turns talking about their favorite part of the group's comeback. JaeHyo started off by complimenting the MV with, "I went for a quick visit to the music video set and it was art. The guys dance a lot of cute and lovely dances and the concept is also cute and pretty. It's worth the wait." TaeIl also visited the set and gifted the boys with caricatures.

'Selfish & Beautiful Girl' was composed and written by P.O, where fans will be able to listen to his jazz-pop dance preference. With its smooth and jazzy feel, BBCs are very much in store for a different feel than the hip hop genre of BLOCK B.

BASTARZ's new single dropped at midnight last night and the music video dropped with a delay at 6:00 pm KST.

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