On July 3rd, it was reported that Block B's Park Kyung will be producing THE BOYZ's upcoming new song.

Park Kyung is on his final stages of completing the song and it was also revealed that it will be released in mid-July. The song will be a digital single which matches well with the energized and refreshing images of the 12 boys.

Block B's Park Kyung Confirmed To Be Producing THE BOYZ's New Song


Previously it was known that Park Kyung has experienced in producing Block B's album as well as his solo album. As such, many are highly anticipating what kind of song he will produce for THE BOYZ.

As the producer for THE BOYZ, Park Kyung has also shared the love for THE BOYZ on his SNS account.

THE BOYZ came back previously in April and just within 3 months, they will be returning to greet their fans with a different charisma and image this coming July.

Are you anticipating for their comeback too?


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