BLOCK B’s P.O. will be the MC of Olive TV’s cooking variety show “Strange Restaurant”.

“Strange Restaurant” is short for “Loud and Suspicious Restaurant”. In each episode, guests will have to make the food they want to eat, following the instructions from a chef. Celebrities will each team up with a chef to cook food they do not know how to cook but want to eat. They will also reveal various stories including those related to food, their schedules, and pictures they want to hide.

The MCs will be Kim YongMan, Seo JangHoon, Kim JongMin, and P.O. They will have the concept of “co-owners” of the “strange restaurant”. In each episode, they will divide into two teams to help the guests with cooking.

Yoo HeeKyung PD said “It will be a new variety where the guest can order a food but will also have to cook the food themselves. It will be a cooking talk variety show that mixes talking and cooking. Please anticipate a lot for the two teams’ competition, exciting talk, and various variety show features.”

“Strange Restaurant” will broadcast for the first time on tvN and Olive TV in March.

BLOCK B’s P.O. Becomes the MC of A Cooking Variety Talk Show

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