BLOCK B will hold a fan meeting soon to start off their activities for the year.

Group BLOCK B will hold a fan meeting on February 11th at Korea University HwaJung Gymnasium for fanclub BBC.

BLOCK B members will present not only solo stages, but also a “special fan song”, that they’ve spent a lot of time preparing, for BBC.

BLOCK B will release the special fan song 'Yesterday' on February 6th. 'Yesterday' is meaningful in that it’s a special fan song for fans who’ve been with BLOCK B for a long time.

Seven Seasons stated that “This “special fan song” is composed by Park Kyung. It contains the thankful hearts of the members for all the love they’ve received from fans over the 7 years. It is a shuffle rhythm dance song with punk sound in it.”

The company also hinted that BLOCK B will present various charms of BLOCK B during the fan meeting, making the fans anticipate even more. “Special Fan Song” will be presented for the first and only time during the fan meeting.

BLOCK B will have a year full of activities this year, starting with their fan meeting, they will release the special fan song, solo albums for individual members, and will also release a BLOCK B group album.

BLOCK B to Have a Year Full of Albums and Fan Meetings

Seven Seasons

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Block B

Block B

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