Singer IU has been seen recently by fans and it was reported that the K-Pop queen has now moved on from her short blonde hairstyle and has instead adopted a long brunette hairstyle, a similar look to when she first debuted. 

The blonde version of the star seemed much more playful and bubbly. Going for a blonde look can be tricky for most people but when you have the looks of a princess from a fairy tale land, it's just as easy as breathing. It seems, however, she has grown tired of the look by now and has changed her hair color back to darker shades of brown. 

Blonde IU vs. Brunette IU: Kkot Galpi #2 Comeback Preparations


Music itself isn't the only thing an artist must focus on these days. The aesthetics that comes along with the music are just as if not more important as the music. IU is currently preparing her comeback with "Kkot Galpi#2)

Blonde IU vs. Brunette IU: Kkot Galpi #2 Comeback Preparations



'Kkot Galpi#2' is set to be released on September 22nd  and from the teasers that have been released so far, we can expect it to have high-quality cinematic visuals.

Let us know which hair color IU rocks better.


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