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Can you believe it has been 20 years since BoAhad made her debut?

On Dec. 1, she will also be releasing her 10th album "BETTER" at 6 PM KST in celebration of her 20th anniversary.

BoA Said To Have Given Park JiHoon A Song Under Her Alias Name

BoA Official Twitter

Not long ago, it had come to attention of many that she had actually gave a song to an idol for the very first time under her alias name, LOVEE.

The idol is none other than Park JiHoon!

In his album "O'CLOCK", the song 'WOULD YOU' was said to be written by BoA.

BoA Said To Have Given Park JiHoon A Song Under Her Alias Name

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Previously, he had performed the song during his Asia Fancon in 2019. You can check out how lovely and sweet the song is through a video taken by his fan.

For those who might be wondering how they got to know each other, many are guessing that it was through the times back in Mnet "Produce 101" Season 2. BoA was the MC for the season and she seemed to have kept in contact with those who had appeared on the audition program.

Nonetheless, many were surprised to learn about it and were impressed by BoA too.

Park JiHoon will be having an online concert on Dec. 13 and BoA will be releasing her 10th album "BETTER" on Dec. 1, 6 PM KST.

Are you amazed too?


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