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Veteran K-Pop idol BoA has quite a remarkable career, as she was one of the rare idols who generated substantial noise in the international music scene before the evident globalization of K-Pop and BTS's historic boom in popularity.

She has played a big role in contributing to K-Pop's popularity in Japan.

BoA’s Insight About Whether She Would’ve Been Popular If She Debuted Today

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During an episode of 'I Want To Talk', she discussed various things including the topic of whether her career might have had the same level of success had she debuted in today's time period.

According to her, she doesn't think so.

For BoA, she believes that it was the time period in which she debuted in that allowed her to rise to superstardom. She stated that she was an artist that only people in that time period wanted to see.


And she brings up quite an insightful point, as timing is crucial for everything, and yet especially in the music industry. An artist that used to be highly popular back in the days may not be relevant in current times, while conversely, artists who are booming in popularity probably may not have been popular had they debuted back in the early days.

BoA revealed that her goal now is to maintain and remain being the person that people want.


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