Bolbbalgan Puberty’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ ranked number 1 on music charts upon release.

Bolbbalgan Puberty released their new song on the 21st. And without big promotions, ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is placed #1 on 7 different music websites upon release, showing the power of a good song. Bolbbalgan also had great results with the album they released in last August. They are now an indie artist that is trusted by the general public to make good music.

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‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is a song that demonstrates Bolbbalgan Puberty’s unique vocals and styles, and the bright melody matches winter very well.

It’s notable that they are now placing #1 after many idols like Big Bang and Exo have been placing #1 on the charts. They’re certainly a group to keep an eye out for in the future.

Bolbbalgan Puberty’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Ranks #1 on Music Charts

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