This week's BCM is none other than the main visual of the UP10TION boys, WooShin. Wanna know why we crush on this K-Pop heartthrob?

WooShin is best known as the main visual of the latest sensation, UP10TION, but he also ranks high on the best main visuals of all time. With his flower boy good looks, he's gained a massive fan base solely based on his ethereal visuals. In an industry where your image and visual can either make you or break you, you gotta be on top of keeping your health at tip top shape - just like WooShin!

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Find out all the crush worthy things you need to know about our weekly man, WooShin!


Boy Crush Monday: WooShin of UP10TION

Boy Crush Monday: WOOSHIN of UP10TION

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(Kim WooSeok)


Who's Our BCM?

WooShin was born on October 27, 1996 in DaeJeon as Kim WooSeok. Growing up as an only child, many would expect WooShin to have trouble getting along with such a large group. However, WooShin debuted on September 11, 2015 as the visual and vocalist of the latest TOP Media band of brothers, UP10TION. The UP10TION brothers debuted through a pre-debut program titled "King of Masked Rookie UP10TION". WooShin was the first member to be revealed, and garnered much love and attention since his first stage.

Boy Crush Monday: WOOSHIN of UP10TION



Why We Crush

During the airing of "King of Masked Rookie UP10TION", WooShin became a hot topic for being the doppleganger of actor, Park BoGum. That was just the start. With his unbelievable visuals, WooShin took the industry by storm with his variety of looks and concepts challenged by UP10TION in such a short period of time. Within the 1st year of their promotions, WooShin donned a total of 5 different hair colors - and he rocked each one. With the visuals to fully encapture any concept and look, don't you think WooShin knows just what it takes to be a K-Pop star? Of course!

Boy Crush Monday: WOOSHIN of UP10TION

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Where We've Seen Him

WooShin's best known as the face of UP10TION (and debatably all of TOP Media), but we've been seeing a lot more of the idol through his impressive new gig as the main MC of "The Show" with I.O.I's SoMi! WooShin and SoMi head up the popular music program with their sweet chemistry as the two's oustanding visuals just adds a little something special to the show. The pair had even performed a special stage cover of BaekHyun x Suzy's 'Dream' for their first episode - and it was fantastic!


Where We'll See Him Next

UP10TION is bringing back their main visual member in black! The group will be making their grand comeback on November 21st with their new mini-album, "BURST". Through the music video teaser, HONEY10s were able to see our beloved WooShin in dark black hair acting his heart out as a hockey player with his member brothers. With such a busy and successful year for the UP10TION boys, we think that good news for the group and WooShin are headed their way!

Boy Crush Monday: WOOSHIN of UP10TION

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See you on our next week's coverage of Kpopmap's BCM!


Boy Crush Monday: WOOSHIN of UP10TION

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