Boy group Titan debuted with the first single ‘Sa.Sa.Hae’.

Titan’s management company Hello Music stated on 10th, “We will release Titan’s debut single ‘Sa.Sa.Hae’ (사사해) on 10th to begin official activities.”

Titan is a 4-member boy group with members Kim NamHoon, Lim JaeMin, Kim SeungHyun, and Choi JiWon. Member Kim NamHoon is known for his rearrangement of T-ARA’s ‘Roly Poly’ on “Voice of Korea 2”

Comic Sound, that produced San.E’s ‘ME YOU’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’, and MAMAMOO, worked on Titan’s debut song. Their debut song ‘Sa.Sa.Hae’ stands for “Things You Have to Do to the Person You Love”. It portrays things a man in love does to the girl he likes, with brass line and funky rhythm.

A staff stated “Titan will be presenting their vocal skills along with performances on stage. They will work hard to be remembered as a team with unique charms. Please anticipate a lot for their future activities and keep an eye out for them.”

Titan will begin their official broadcast activities with ‘Sa.Sa.Hae’.

Boy Group “Titan” Begins Activities with Debut Single ‘Sa.Sa.Hae’

Hello Music

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