Boy group BOYFRIEND attended MTV “Asia Music Stage” on the afternoon of 22nd, showing off a high level live skills and skillful stage manner, gathering the attention of the local fans.

Starship entertainment stated “BOYFRIEND received the “Trendiest Boy Group Award” at “MTV Taiwan Asia Music Stage” that was held in Taiwan.”

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This day, BOYFRIEND attended as the Korean representative, and stood on stage with many popular Asian artists like Will Pan and FanFan. BOYFRIEND presented ‘BOUNCE’, ‘Obsession’, ‘Don’t touch My Girl’, ‘I’ll Be There’, and ‘To my Bestfriend’ stages. They also attended recordings of shows like ‘Taiwan SHOWBIZ", finishing their promotions successfully.

BOYFRIEND members said “We’ve visited Taiwan after a long time, and we were able to present a great stage thanks to the fans who welcomed us. It’s great being able to stand on stage with famous Asian artist sunbaes and receiving an award as well. We’re very thankful to our fans for it. We will work harder from now on to present better music to everyone.”

BOYFRIEND Attends MTV Taiwan “Asia Music Stage”

BOYFRIEND Attends MTV Taiwan “Asia Music Stage”


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