Kim DongHyun of the boy band Boyfriend has been cast in the upcoming musical, "Romeo and Juliet"!

"Romeo and Juliet" is  a play by the actor Kim SooRo that will mark the actor's 20th piece in his "Kim SooRo's Project". The original love story will be transformed into a romantic relationship between humans and mutant after a nuclear war. With the addition of rock music and dynamic choreography, the new take on the 400 year old classic will surely be a piece to look out for.

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Boyfriend's DongHyun will be playing the lead role of Romeo, who is a mutant who falls in love with Juliet. Through their love, Romeo will realize his true meaning in life. Fans will be able to see DongHyun as the famous Romeo starting from December 16th to March 5th at the Doosan Art Center in Seoul.

Boyfriend, on the other hand, has been busy this past month as they released a new Japanese track, called "Jackpot". The song ranked 3rd on the Oricon Daily Single Chart, 4th on the Oricon Weekly Chart and 1st in the Tower Records Daily Chart.

Boyfriend's DongHyun Embodies Romeo for the "Romeo and Juliet" Musical

Starship Entertainment

Boyfriend's DongHyun Embodies Romeo for the "Romeo and Juliet" Musical

Doosan Art Center

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