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In lieu with their upcoming 7th anniversary as a group, Boyfriend is thanking their fans with a fan song!

On May 17th, Starship Entertainment released a teaser image on their official SNS channel, saying that Boyfriend will be releasing a new song on May 25th.

Boyfriend To Thanks Fans With Fan Song In Lieu With 7th Anniversary

Starship Entertaiment

The title of their new song is called "Yeowoo Bi" which is also known as a sun shower in English. On the teaser image, there is also Korean lettering which suggests it being the lyrics of the upcoming song.

In addition to the new song, it was revealed that it will be dedicated to their fans who have be with them for the past 7 years. As such, it has caused their expectations to be raised.

To the members of Boyfriend, they believe that the 7 years their fans had spent with them is really precious and memorable. Hence, they have also participated in the production and composition of this new song.

Boyfriend To Thanks Fans With Fan Song In Lieu With 7th Anniversary

Starship Entertainment

As Boyfriend will be celebrating their 7th anniversary on May 26th, they have also invited fans to their fan meeting, "Time Capsule: Seven Steps That We Walked Together", that is taking place on the same day. It was revealed that their fan meeting tickets were sold out in 30 seconds!

With such love and support from their fans, it is amazing to see how much Boyfriend has grew together as a group.


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