An audio clip of group Boys24’s member Lee HwaYoung trash talking fans was leaked, stirring up controversy.

Recently, an audio clip of Boys24’s member Lee HwaYoung was leaked. The audio clip revealed HwaYoung trash talking fans and stirred up controversy. In the audio clip, HwaYoung said “I like (hearing) “oppa”. But not from fans. That fucking sucks. I was so annoyed at the high-touch event. We have high-touch events, right? After performances, we hold hands with fans and greet them. Fuck, I meet like 7~800 people a day and I really feel like throwing up. Their fucking breath smells like shit.”

CJ E&M made an official statement regarding this issue on 8th through the official facebook. “We’d like to sincerely apologize to everyone who have been shocked and disappointed by the audio.”

They continued “We were aware that his personal life problems could potentially harm Boys24’s image significantly and gave him several chances with numerous meetings with him, but he has disappointed fans once again. We are aware of the seriousness of the situation and we feel that giving him any more chances is meaningless. We are conducting an emergency meeting over whether he will remain with the group or not. We will be making official statements regarding this next week. He will not be appearing on ‘Boys24 LIVE Concert’ starting on February 10th.”

Boys24 is a group that was formed through Mnet Debut Survival Program “Boys 24”, and are conducting live concerts in “BOYS24 HALL” in MyeongDong.

Boys24’s HwaYoung Trash Talks Fans, CJ E&M Makes Official Statement


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