With Wanna One's disbandment upcoming this year, fans may be wondering what path each member will end up taking after they return to their home agencies.

Among them are Lee DaeHwi and Park WooJin, both who are signed to Brand New Music.

The agency's producer Rhymer recently opened up during an interview and shared a bit of information regarding how Brand New plans on managing them when they return at the end of the year when Wanna One disbands.

Rhymer stated that the agency is focusing on ways to show both Lee DaeHwi and Park WooJin's individual character and charm in the best possible way, while emphasizing that the importance lies in how they will be able to exhibit them in a way that wasn't done in Wanna One. He pointed out that since there were a total of eleven members within the group, the spotlight that they received wasn't an accurate representation of their true artistic potential.

In addition, he hinted at the likelihood of both Lee DaeHwi and Park WooJin debuting as members of Brand New's boy group along with MXM.


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