The trainees (Kim SiHun, Hong SeongJun, and Yun JungHwan) of Brand New Music or better known as BRANDNEWZ will be releasing a special single album ‘BOYS DA CAPO’ on Oct. 29.

If you did not already know, they have recently announced their unit name and they will be called BDC which refers to ‘BOYS DA CAPO’. It has the meaning of boys starting all over again while not forgetting where they had began from and will always be doing their best.

On the midnight of Oct. 17, they had also dropped a teaser image for their upcoming special single album on their official Twitter account.

The picture appears to be taken in an open field with them wearing light and brown coats, suggesting that the album which they will be releasing could be related to the autumn season.

Starting from Oct. 18, fans could also anticipate for more of their concept photos! Make sure to check out their schedule below!

Fans could also anticipate for even more contents from BDC as it was said that an official Daum fancafe will be opened later at 3 pm KST.

Are you also excited for the release of a single album from BDC?


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