Brave Girls will be making a comeback as a 5-member group.

Brave Entertainment stated on 13th, “Firstly, we are sorry to announce a sad news for fans who’ve waited for a long time for Brave Girls.”

They continued “Starting today, the 13th, YuJin and HyeRan will officially finish their activities as Brave Girls members. YuJin had been stuck between the path of pursuing girl group activities or pursue education, and finally decided to pursue further education and has told us she wishes to prepare to study overseas. This company wishes to respect her decision.”

As for HyeRan, they wrote “HyeRan’s health has suddenly worsened, and after a long time thinking and discussing about it with HyeRan, we’ve decided that she’s no longer able to participate in activities and decided that she’ll need to rest.”

Brave Girls members will be performing activities as a 5-member group instead of recruiting new members. Brave Entertainment also announced that the Brave Girls will be releasing a new song in between February-March, and asked for fans to anticipate for the song as well as the group and individual member activities that will be supported by the company.

Brave Girls to Comeback Without YuJin and HyeRan

Brave Entertainment

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Brave Girls

Brave Girls

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