K-Pop model idols, Brave Girls, successfully reached 100% in their monetary goals for crowdfunding their next album!

The Brave Girls had sought out the help of fans in producing their next album through a popular K-Pop crowdfunding site, Makestar. 

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According to Makestar, the Brave Girls had reached their goal of 10,000,000 won (~ $9,000 USD) in just a matter of 13 days. The girls had prepared this special album production event for their fans who had waited so long for their comeback. By crowdfunding their next albums, the donators' names will be credited as producers in the upcoming album, and other special rewards have been set up depending on the monetary amount.

Brave Girls Successfully Exceeds Crowdfunding For Their Next Album

Brave Entertainment

The fun event will continue on for the next two months as fans will be able to contribute to the girls' new album, as well as win special awards such as Brave Girl's signed CDs and even special dinner dates with the girls.

Check out the Brave Girls' crowdfunding HERE!

Brave Girls

Brave Girls

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