Breakdown Of Cherry Bullet “LOVE ADVENTURE” That You May Not Already Know



Breakdown Of Cherry Bullet “LOVE ADVENTURE” That You May Not Already Know

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Have you been bobbing your head along with Cherry Bullet ‘s latest title track ‘Really Really’? Well, if you did not, you should definitely check out their MV below.

Back with their game and school uniform theme, the girls are in all smiles to greet their fans on May 22. Previously, Kpopmap was invited to attend their exclusive showcase. You can find out more about the review and photos that we have shared too.

For those who may not know, Cherry Bullet is a 10-member female girl group (6 Koreans, 4 non-Koreans) under FNC Entertainment which debuted earlier in 2019 with their debut track ‘Q&A’. After almost 5 months, the girls came back with their 2nd single album “LOVE ADVENTURE”.

Breakdown Of Cherry Bullet “LOVE ADVENTURE” That You May Not Already Know

FNC Entertainment

For this particular album, fans were able to listen 3 different songs and once again impressed by their music taste. Namely their title track ‘Really Really’, ‘Ping Pong’ and ‘Ruddy’.

‘Really Really’ touches on the honest feelings of telling someone that they really like them. As for ‘Ping Pong’, it is used as a metaphor to describe the relationship when two people are in love. Finally, ‘Ruddy’ shares the emotion when a person falls in love for the very first time.

Breakdown Of Cherry Bullet “LOVE ADVENTURE” That You May Not Already Know

FNC Entertainment

One of the takeaways for this album fans could get is that AOA ‘s JiMin had also participated in the making of “LOVE ADVENTURE”. The senior idol had showed off her producing and song writing skills by participating in ‘Ping Pong’ as well as ‘Ruddy’. Make sure you check out those two songs too!

Returning back to the MV, Cherry Bullet was noted to have filmed in an amusement park with a ferry wheel that had caught the attention of fans. The girls were seen having fun and solving games provided to them. For example member ChaeRin and May had to solve a card game whereas Kokoro, JiWon and YuJu were seen with bows shooting up into the sky.

Some fans also pointed out how bright and colorful the set was, adding to the overall aesthetics of the comeback.

The lovely and eye-catching dance steps further allowed many fans to enjoy the fresh and youthful concept which they have successfully pulled off.

Needless to say, you might also notice how there is a repetition of the lyrics ‘네가 참 좋아’ (nega cham joah) in ‘Really Really’. The phrase means ‘I like you’, emphasizing how one person is confessing to the person that they really like in the song.

Once again, with their bright personalities and potential, it is no doubt that more and more will find a liking to this lovely girl group.

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I really liked their side track Ruddy! makes me think that these girls will suit a girl crush / teen crush or mysterious concept very well. Ping Pong was also a bop and very catchy! Here’s to more songs with Cherry Bullet!