If you've dated quite a lot of people in your life, chances are, you've probably had a couple of those types that were just toxic and manipulative as they can be.

Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha recently opened up about one of her dating experiences that involved a person fitting the description above.

The K-Pop idol revealed that she dated a lot throughout her twenties, but one of them that she remembered most for the wrong reasons was someone she dated for six months.

She explained that a friend of her ex-boyfriend informed her that he was living with another woman while dating her. Naturally, she initially found it difficult to believe and decided to go to the address that her ex-boyfriend's friend provided.

Brown Eyed Girls Member Narsha Talks About The Most Disloyal Boyfriend She Ever Dated


To her surprise, a woman holding her pet dog answered the door. Moments after, she saw her ex-boyfriend standing behind the woman.

She then stated that it was an eye-opening experience, giving her the eye and wisdom to see what type of a person a man is when she interacts with them.


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